Heart Coherence (Android app):
Heart Coherence 365 and other breathing exercises

This app helps you practice steadily all kinds of breathing exercise, among them the Heart Coherence 365 (3 times a day, 6 breaths per minute, for 5 minutes)
It has a Timer, Breathing exercises (with settings), Daily Reminders and a History features.

Everything is already there: no premium options to buy, no ads, no subscription, no credit card asked, no online purchase.
The app is easy to install, quick to start, small, and has a simple interface.
The app is not intrusive: no registration required, no access asked to personal data, phone data or WiFi.
No need for internet access or WiFi connection.
The app works in portrait and landscape display modes, on smartphones and on tablets.

5 minute exercise example:


  • The main screen displays the settings of the next breathing exercise.
  • Very simple: the timer is started with the "Play" button, and stopped with the "Stop" button.
  • The timer will help you switch between the breathing phases (inhale, exhale, block), displaying animations on the screen as well as vibrating, playing sounds and showing notifications. It's the main feature of the app.
  • There's also a button in order to display the settings of the currently running exercise.
  • In the specific case of Heart Coherence 365, you are supposed to practice 3 times a day, 6 breaths a minute, for 5 minutes.
  • You can use your device the way you want during an exercise; you can even turn off the screen or visit an unrelated website while still being able to practice thanks to the vibrator, the sounds and the notifications.
  • The app works in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Several types of breathing exercises can be set up.
  • In order to signal each breathing transition, there are a vibration and a little music options (with musical instrument choice). As additional options, vibration and music may be different for each minute transition, and a musical note can be played every second.
  • Animations will help you follow the breathing phases (inhale, exhale, block). There are several types of animations.
  • By default, breathing instructions will be displayed on top of the animations.
  • For the elapsed time display, there's a countdown option.
  • There's a "night" mode (dark screen), available even during the day ;)
  • 10 colors are available for the app color selection.
  • You can also change the background color of the app: standard or similar to the main app color.
  • A background picture by default is displayed during the exercises. You can replace it with any picture of your choice. In both cases, you can move and resize the picture. Or prefer to keep the background empty.
  • A background music by default is played during the exercises. You can replace it with any music of your choice. Or prefer silence.
  • By default, the exercise history will automatically be displayed at the end of each breathing exercise.
  • In order to get steadier, you can create reminders. As many as you want.

Breathing exercises

  • You can edit, create and delete as many breathing exercises as you want.
  • At the very beginning, 3 Heart Coherence 365 breathing exercises will be included, as suggestions.
  • For each breathing exercise, the name, the durations of the breathing phases and the total duration of the exercise can be edited.
  • The list of the breathing exercises cannot be empty. If you delete all the exercises, the list will be recreated from the 3 initial Heart Coherence 365 breathing exercises.

Breathe in

  • Sit down and maintain good posture while keeping your body relaxed.
  • Breathe through your nose.
  • Breathe belly breath.
  • For Heart Coherence 365 breathing exercises, leave 4 hours between each exercise.
  • Breathe out just before a new exercise, as it will start with the breathe in phase.


  • This is the history of your every day breath practice.
  • The history goes from today to the day you started your practice.
  • For each exercise, a dice is displayed.
  • If you practiced during all the expected exercise duration, it will be a golden dice, congratulations!
  • If you practiced less than expected, the color of the dice will be the color you selected for the app, and more or less faded, according to the exercise duration.
  • The vertical lines match your scheduled practice times.
  • If you click on a day, you'll see the details.
  • From the details, you can select the exercises you want to delete.
  • Export of history data in CSV format is possible through the menu.

Benefits of Heart Coherence

Source: Dr David O’Hare in "Heart coherence 365: A guide to long lasting heart coherence"


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